Seal your Shower & Stop the Leaks

Fix your leaking shower with professional shower sealing by Perth’s shower sealing experts. The Shower Doctor provides a fast, efficient and cost effective solution to your leaking shower problem.

In most cases, your shower leak can be stopped with our high-quality shower sealing technology. We can have your shower looking as good as new in a matter of hours without removing or damaging your tiles.


Why is Shower Sealing Important?

Your home is naturally subject to movement due to changes in temperature and moisture. It can weaken the seal of your shower base over time, which can cause hairline cracks in your grout and loosening of the tiles. These cracks are usually found at places where walls join the floors. The older your home, the more likely the sealant will become exposed, and allow water to leak underneath the tiles and into your bathroom walls and floor.

The longer you leave a leaking shower unrepaired, the more structural damage it can cause – beyond the bathroom, which can be very expensive. So the quicker you fix your leaking shower, the better. If you live in the Perth metro area, our affordable shower sealing system will have your shower fixed and looking brand new in no time!

How We Do It

Standard silicone products can plug a leak in the short term, but it’s not a permanent solution. We’ve developed an innovative waterproofing system that provides a guaranteed waterproofed finish. 

Using our specialised products, tools and procedures we’ll repair your leaking shower without the need to remove tiles. This can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars and ensures you’re back to trouble-free showering, quicker than doing a bathroom renovation.

Signs That Your Bathroom Shower Needs Some Love

Perth’s Shower Sealing Experts

We’ve been repairing and waterproofing showers in Perth for over 35 years. This rich experience has enabled us to incorporate innovation into our technique and provide excellent quality and service, with workmanship that exceeds the normal industry standards.

Our solid reputation and expertise in wet area sealing and waterproofing extends to domestic, industrial and commercial applications all over Perth, including hospitals and the marine industry.

Can Shower Sealing Fix All Leaks?

Majority of leaks simply come down to the breakdown of the seals or waterproof membranes. Traditionally, repairing a leaking shower involved resealing all the tiles. Not only is this time consuming and expensive, but if the tiles aren’t damaged then why remove them? 


Majority of leaks – if caught early, can be resolved with our high performing sealing technology. We’ll expertly assess your bathroom, so you know the extent of your leak and the work required to ensure your shower is leak-proof again!


Avoid DIY quick fixes and get professional help. We repair grout, fix leaks and replace sealants without removing your bathroom tiles. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and visual inspection.

Restore the Brilliance of Your Grout


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