Stop Leaking Showers in Their Tracks

Do you have a leaking shower? Cracked, missing, mouldy grout? If your bathroom has seen better days, The Shower Doctor can repair your shower at a fraction of the price of retiling or doing a full bathroom renovation.

Not sure where your leak is? We’ll get right to the source of the problem with our sophisticated moisture detection device, and pin-point the exact moisture placement and content within your bathroom walls. Our shower repair specialists carry out free onsite inspections across the Perth metro & surrounding areas.


Why do Showers Leak?

A leaking shower can happen for many reasons. As buildings move, walls crack, causing gaps between the tiled walls and the shower floor. These cracks – as well as those that can appear in grout, retain moisture and let water out.

Not only this, but using harsh cleaning chemicals and tough brushes to clean your tiles can weaken grout and sealants, which can lead to leaks. Other reasons for a leak include damaged waterproofing layers, cracked tiles, pipes leaking behind the wall or problems with the drain.

Perth’s trusted shower repair specialists

We have more than 30 years’ experience in providing quality shower repair solutions in Perth. Our team of technicians are all qualified tilers and are known for their impeccable work and attention to detail.

Our process for fixing leaky showers begins with a detailed 30 point inspection checklist and water detection testing. We’ll spell out the issue for you with a site diagram highlighting the problems areas, along with a fixed upfront cost for your shower repairs, so you can be sure you won’t get hit with any hidden fees along the way. All of our innovative waterproofing procedures and material application systems are backed with a 6 year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Why You Need an Expert in Shower Leak Repairs

Apart from the visible signs of a leak, there may also be other issues that you’re unable to spot concealed behind your tiles or inside your taps and drain.

A leaking shower can result in long term structural damage to your home that can be costly to repair if ignored. However, if detected early by a qualified professional, shower leak repairs can be done quickly and affordably, usually without the need to replace any tiles. At The Shower Doctor, we work closely with industrial chemists to make sure we’re always at the cutting edge of industry technologies.

Signs Your Shower Needs Repairing

Not sure if you have a problem in your bathroom? Some of the things you should look out for include warped walls, buckling floors, cracks in the tiles or grout, mould on the ceiling and walls and peeling paint. One of the biggest signs of a leaking shower is dampness or a musty smell in the bathroom. Often, you might notice stains first before any obvious waterlogging. Dark coloured stains on your walls are a clear sign you have a shower leak in your bathroom.


While it’s tempting to fix the issues yourself, if you come across any of these signs, it’s best to call in Perth’s shower repair experts at The Shower Doctor. We can identify any underlying problems and determine the right shower repair solution – whether it’s applying our innovative waterproofing, re-grouting, sealing or shower rebuilds, we’ll fix the problem without delay.


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