Grout Shower Repairs
and Re-Grouting

Over time, grout will deteriorate due to an aging process called carbonisation. The grout becomes porous, allowing contaminants such as soap residues & body fats to enter the pores which attract mould. Specialised cleaners are required to remove the contaminants before any rectification process.

While many do attempt their own DIY grout repairs, if not done properly, it can cause considerable damage to your bathroom. The Shower Doctor is experienced in repairing grout and re-grouting almost any kind of tiles including ceramic, stone, terracotta and marble to good as new!


Shower Re-Grouting – Perth Professionals

Our grout repair process involves using a specialised electric grout remover to remove the grout, followed by the application of new grout, which is then dried and sealed with our quality sealant.

We use a range of cementitious and highly durable epoxy materials designed to stop water leakages and prevent any reoccurrence in the future. When applied professionally the replacement grout bonds effortlessly to the tiles. And in most cases, you can use your shower the next day.

Why it’s important to maintain grout

We recommend shower grout repairs to be done regularly 1-2 years as part of your bathroom maintenance. Not only does it keep your bathroom functioning properly, but it also enhances the look and longevity of the tiled surface.

The longer you leave dirty and grimy grout, the more likely it is that water will damage the wall or shower floor or behind the tile, causing even bigger problems down the track.

Signs That Your Bathroom Shower Needs Some Love

Perth’s Shower Re-Grouting Specialists

Our team of grout specialists has more than 35 years’ experience in providing expert grout repairs and re-grouting in Perth. We’re known for our quality work and attention to detail, ensuring every job complies with a good industry standard.

There’s no re-grouting job in Perth that’s too big or too small for The Shower Doctor. We’ll come out to your home and assess your bathroom, determine the best grout repair solution and ensure a professional finish.

Bring life back to your bathroom

No matter how beautiful your tile is, if the grout is in bad shape it can make your bathroom look outdated and rundown. Most of the time, getting rid of the mould and resealing the grout will fix the problem. But if the mould persists or if the grout is hopelessly stained and crumbling, it can be next to impossible to return it to its original form. Mould can also cause serious health problems if not removed. So, if this is happening in your bathroom, then it’s time to re-grout your shower!

Retiling your shower can be time consuming and expensive, but you can easily update the look of your bathroom by replacing your grout at a fraction of the cost of a complete tile reno. Using our specialised re-grouting tools, we’ll restore your bathroom’s former beauty by stripping off existing grout, cleaning the grout lines and replacing it with our premium waterproofing grout. This eliminates mould, removes grime and stops leaky shower issues coming to the tile surface.

Restore the Brilliance of Your Grout


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