How we do it

The Process

Detailed Diagnosis

It's imperative that the correct diagnosis is achieved. We will conduct a free on-site inspection to collect all evidence and complete a detailed 30-point inspection. Using a moisture detection device, we are are able to pin-point the exact moisture placement & content within the walls.

Comprehensive Quoting

Our trained quoting technicians will provide a detailed formal quote which will include all available solution options for your project. You will also receive a site diagram of the existing moisture placement within the walls - this allows you to better see and understand any issues that are present.

Quality Work

Having professional & qualified tradesmen conduct the works is paramount. Our technician are industry specialists and are trained in The Shower Doctor's innovative waterproofing and material application systems. This ensures the job will be done once and done right!

"Do it Once, Do it Right"

That’s our Motto

Repairs & Maintenance

6 Year Guarantees*

                               Are you experiencing? :
 –   Blistering Paint/Plaster                –   Missing/Mouldy Grout
 –   Mould and Soap Scum                 –   Calcium Build-up
 –   Cracked Tiles or Grout                 –   Damp Walls
 –   Leaking Taps/Fixtures                  –   Peeling/Mouldy Silicone

If your Bathroom or Shower is showing any of the above symptoms, then it’s in drastic need of some attention and repairs. In most cases no tiles will need to be removed.

The Shower Doctors unique and one of a kind approach to waterproofing set us apart. Our method of injecting an industrial grade waterproofing membrane in behind the tiles makes for a far more effective and reliable outcome. Successful waterproofing treatment of grout porosity relies upon the removal of body fats and soap residuals. This is an integral step in our procedures, before sealing.

We promptly send out professional and punctual technicians to diagnose the source and cause of the issues using our specialised detailed 30 point inspection checklist (which includes water detection testing).

If unattended, these issues can soon turn into serious health problems and become structural issues in timber frame construction. So why wait? All waterproofing procedures and applications are backed with a 6 Year Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Stop leaking showers without removing tiles!

*6 Year waterproofing guarantee only provided on selected works/procedures.

Re-Builds & New Builds

10 Year Guarantees

All work conforms to Australian Standards & Building Codes

A Rebuild will be recommended when it is considered the repair/maintenance procedure is in doubt of being effective, due to structural issues caused by excessive water leakage, construction faults, design issues, structural movement etc.

The Procedure:

  • Remove tiles, adhesive, render, plaster board to base including one wall tile of the perimeter of the shower.
  • Replace damaged timbers to floor & walls – if required.
  • Replace gyprock or renders depending on construction type.
  • Screed floor to create a fall.
  • Waterproofing membrane to conform with AS3740
  • Tile using tiles and grout provided to AS4858 (Tiling)

Waterproofing Membranes

10 Year Guarantees

All work conforms to Australian Standards & Building Codes

The Shower Doctor has been applying waterproofing membranes to domestic, industrial, commercial and marine industries for over 30 years.

We have been involved in providing waterproofing to the construction industry, pacifically in hospitals where the quality of materials and systems are critical for normal hospital operations, including ensuites, kitchens and laundries. Materials and systems must comply with current building codes and their respective Australian Standards, including manufactures specifications.

Our systems go beyond waterproofing, extending to stabilising surfaces to bring them up to an acceptable standard for application of waterproofing materials. This may include, epoxy injection, grinding, shot blasting, hardening, cleaning, priming and laying of specialized polymer modified screeds. 

About Us

Quality, Innovation & Reliability

The Shower Doctor is based in Perth, Western Australia. We are a locally owned and operated business with more than 30 years experience within the industry. 

Using quality materials and time tested solutions, The Shower Doctor has a reputation for producing work that far exceeds our clients expectations.

Professional Workmanship GUARANTEED!

The Shower Doctor has created an innovative range of specialised waterproofing solutions and systems. Our team works closely with Industrial Chemists to make sure we are at the cutting edge of industry technologies.

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As every job is different, we are happy to customise our service in order to meet all of your shower & bathroom needs, regardless of it’s scale.

We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Our team of specially trained qualified Technicians are not only known for their quality work and attention to detail but their invaluable knowledge of the industry as well as The Shower Doctor’s innovative waterproofing systems & solutions.

We also use time tested premium materials which ensures each and every job is finished to the highest level of quality.

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Our work speaks for itself...

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